About The Pickled Wrinkle

Our History

Sarah and Jesse Christensen purchased The Nautica Pub in Birch Harbor, Maine in 2013. They ran the business for a year before evolving into The Pickled Wrinkle. Sarah Alley, a lobster fisherman's daughter from nearby Winter Harbor met Jesse in Honolulu in 2003 while working together at a busy Irish Pub. They have both worked in the restaurant/bar business since their teens, with the goal of someday having their own place. The Pickled Wrinkle is for everyone. Year-round locals, summer residents and tourists all flock to the PW for friendly and attentive service, great food and a laid back vibe. Set just outside the boundaries of the beautiful Schoodic section of Acadia National Park, The Pickled Wrinkle is a great stop after a bike ride in the park, or for a relaxed meal with family or friends.

What Is A Pickled Wrinkle?

Pickled Wrinkles are an old Downeast Maine Delicacy. They are large carnivorous sea snails, or whelks, which are pickled and marketed locally as Pickled Wrinkles. Unlike herbivorous periwinkles, which inhabit tidal zones, wrinkles are larger and inhabit areas below the tide line. Lobster fishermen find wrinkles in traps they haul from the ocean floor. In tough times, wrinkles were relied on to help feed Maine families, and pickling was a great way to preserve the protein packed morsels. At the Pickled Wrinkle, we strive to provide guests with local seafood and produce whenever possible. We have a diverse menu that includes local Pickled Wrinkles when available. Try one if you are brave enough!

Our Location

Open Daily, Year Round!